About CTRL+X

About CTRL+X

CTRL+X is an independent digital media strategy consultancy and editorial production agency. It was founded by Arikia Millikan in 2022 and incorporated as an Unternehmergesellschaft (UG) in Berlin, Germany.

At the heart of CTRL+X is a unique combination of skills: expertise in digital media publishing systems; editorial prowess; a firm command of a wide range of highly technological and complex subject matters; deep research abilities derived from the founder’s background in engineering, psychology, and journalism; a product-driven approach borrowed from the software development world; and an unwavering belief in writers as valuable creative forces in the world.

Our unique lattice of capabilities makes CTRL+X singularly positioned to elevate clients whose ongoing operations and growth goals would benefit from a deep understanding of the science and technology landscape, as well as a specialized approach to project management and content production. We have an affinity for independent publishers and dark horse companies that reject the current corporate landscape in big tech and content development, and strive to make the internet a better and more interesting place.

The CTRL+X Mission

Our ultimate aim is to help our clients enhance the quality of their editorial output while reducing bottlenecks and inefficiencies at every stage of production, ultimately making the publishing process more rewarding for everyone involved.

Knowledge excavation is a tricky business. Just because someone is an expert in a field, doesn’t mean they’re also an expert at communicating their expertise through the written word. And that’s perfectly OK. We understand that it’s hard to write well—especially in isolation. With CTRL+X at your disposal, you don’t have to be naturally prolific. We know that good writing is the product of a collaborative and multifaceted process, driven by humans with years of experience building skill and craft.

CTRL+X offers a variety of client services that aim to optimize editorial production from both operational and technological perspectives. In working with CTRL+X, clients may identify untapped content monetization opportunities and enhance their product quality, user acquisition rates, or purchase success rates. We are not afraid of complexity, and have assisted companies with their content efforts at all lifecycle stages: ideation, startup, new product development, scaling, restructuring, and pivoting.


The soul of CTRL+X is the core values on which it was founded. We believe technology should benefit everyone, not just the wealthy few at the top of the pyramid. We believe in the decentralization of tech systems; a free and open internet; and data protection, privacy and security for tech users. We are a women-led company and welcome clients and contributors from all walks of life. We believe in the power of mentorship and paying it forward. We believe that technological tools can certainly aid the creative process, but they’ll never be a replacement for living, breathing writers.


The CTRL+X web portal is a showcase for CTRL+X publications, as well as a resource center for clients and editorial practitioners. It is also home to the monthly newsletter, GLITCHING OUT, featuring written works by Arikia, the CTRL+X team, and guest contributors. GLITCHING OUT systematically explores aspects of the digital publishing landscape that impact the way stories are cultivated, reshaped, published, distributed, and consumed.


Membership to CTRL+X is free and available to everyone. Members will receive our GLITCHING OUT newsletter and can access members-only content on the web.

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