Editorial Strategy for Digital Landscapes

Editorial Strategy for Digital Landscapes

Are You Content With Your Content?

In 2015, CTRL+X founder Arikia Millikan envisioned the beginnings of the company that would help independent writers publish outside of the corporate media ecosystem. She began working as a freelance editorial strategist, consulting with a variety of companies in the technology and publishing sectors, managing content teams, and applying her editorial experience toward improving the content process for her clients. In 2022 she founded CTRL+X to expand her consulting services and build technology to further enhance the capabilities of independent publishers everywhere.

Today, the CTRL+X team is uniquely qualified to operate at the intersection of technology and editorial, aligning tech stacks with the people who use them. CTRL+X provides full-service editorial production, from high-level strategy, to branding, to the execution of multi-channel distribution of high-quality content. By orienting all components of a system toward a client’s goals, CTRL+X makes digital publishing more enjoyable and lucrative experience for everyone involved.

For Independent Publishers

Being an independent publisher doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. Whether you’re a veteran blogger who’s been publishing on the open web since the Usenet days, or you’ve just left your corporate media job to do your own thing, the admin side of running a publication shouldn’t prohibit you from getting your message out there.

CTRL+X helps independent publishers navigate the myriad products available in today’s digital publishing ecosystem and define what, where, and how to publish in a sustainable way. You already know the “why.”

For Brands

CTRL+X helps companies harness the power of editorial production to communicate their vision to the world. Whether you’re a first-time founder staring at a blank page, or a seasoned CEO floating in a sea of content, having a solid editorial strategy and content roadmap lights the way along the path to telling your company’s story and connecting with your desired readership.

Rather than getting bogged down in the nitty gritty details of the publishing process, wouldn’t it be nice to just hit “publish” at the end of the day?

CTRL+X is here to help with the following:

Editorial Strategy

If you’re asking yourself “Where do I start?” when it comes to publishing, developing an editorial strategy is step one. CTRL+X has developed a system to assess your current situation, create a plan of attack, and support the initial launch of your digital publication in only three months.

For those who have been publishing for a while and are wondering “What do I do next?” editorial strategy can help reshape your publishing efforts to reach new audiences.

Ghostwriting for Founders and Thought Leaders

Full of great ideas? Driven to share them with your audience? Don’t have time to labor over finding the right words or striking the right tone with your audience? CTRL+X employs interview tactics from the top tiers of the journalism industry to produce fully structured essays, articles, and social media campaigns, to help you get your message out there. We can help you self-publish or pitch your work to leading publications.

Interim or Fractional Head of Content

Are you looking for someone to come in and Marry Poppins your existing publishing process? CTRL+X works with teams of all sizes and levels of expertise to identify organizational blockages and optimize production. In addition, we supplement ongoing HR efforts to craft editorial job listings and aid in recruitment so your content team will be balanced and can find its own flow.

Deep Research (Science & Tech)

Are you preparing a white paper or other longform publication to assert yourself as a thought leader in your industry? CTRL+X specializes in deep research in fields across the science and technological landscapes. Our researchers have extensive journalistic training and experience, and know how to ask the right questions.

Editorial Services

CTRL+X offers the following services à la carte at an hourly rate: writing, developmental editing, copy editing, structural editing, line editing, stylistic editing, tone matching, fact checking, top-level editing, interviewing, AI-aided transcript production and analysis, UX copywriting, content design, visual branding, content management, and more! Just ask us about your specific needs and tech stack.

For more information, contact us via the Typeform, or request a free consultation with CTRL+X founder Arikia Millikan.